From slavery, to Jim Crow, to our current system of mass incarceration, systemic racism that prevents the mobility of people of color and keeps equality an illusion has existed in the United States for centuries. The US has the highest incarceration rate in the world: one in three black boys and one in six Latino boys is projected to be incarcerated in his lifetime. Across the United States, thousands of children have been sentenced as adults and sent to adult prisons. The Death Penalty system is broken. Private prisons hinder efforts to reform sentencing laws, emphasize rehabilitation, and reduce the prison population.

Legislation We Support 

  1. A federal abolition of the death penalty through a Constitutional Amendment.

  2. State Senator Zellnor Myrie’s Senate Bill S6176A which would amend the criminal procedure law and the executive law relating to automatic sealing of certain misdemeanor record

  3. S. 488 Justice for Victims of Lynching Act of 2019, which would amend the United States Code to specify lynching as a deprivation of civil rights and put in place structure to acknowledge its history.

  4. S. 2355: End Racial and Religious Profiling Act of 2019, which would reform law practices with the goal of eliminating racial, religious, and other discriminatory profiling by law enforcement. 

Actions We’re Taking 

  1. Calling and writing our representatives to urge them to vote for new pieces of criminal justice reform legislation.

  2. Informing our generation on the problem that our current discipline system is and the steps we must take to fix it.

  3. Researching the conditions in local prisons to make sure they are not exploitative.

  4. Holding our States accountable for their history of racial injustice.