Climate and Environment

As the Trump administration dismantles federal-level environmental policies, we’re mobilizing our schools, cities, and states to meet the US’s commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement and protect our planet. Here’s how:


In our schools...

We’re collaborating with student groups, faculty, and administrators to make our schools more environmentally-friendly places to learn. Our chapters are spearheading efforts to introduce measures like composting, LED lights, and electricity sourced from wind and other renewables.

In our cities and towns...

We’re building momentum for municipal-level environmental legislation, lobbying for existing bills and helping introduce new ones modeled on the Sabin Center for Climate Change’s sample ordinances. To mitigate the effects of the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, we’re also encouraging our cities and towns to join the Under2 Coalition of subnational governments committed to addressing climate change.



In our states...

We’re advocating for state-level environmental legislation, supporting existing bills and partnering with state legislators to introduce new ones. We’re also asking our states to join the US Climate Alliance and the Under2 Coalition, as well as lobbying state pension funds to divest from fossil fuels.