Environmental Policy

 Legislation We Support

  1. The Green New Deal Resolution, proposed to form legislation to end the climate and economic crises that have caused wage inequality and economic stagnation. The resolution intends to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, create jobs, provide for a just transition to clean energy, and secure clean air and water - all the while focusing on justice for the vulnerable communities facing the brunt of the effects of climate change.

    1. The Green New Deal effectively converts our use of fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, while keeping the needs of people of color and low-income families a priority.

  2. Food Waste Bans, which mitigate the harms of food waste by preventing food from being sent to landfills and implementing mandatory food recycling statutes in state and local areas. These acts intend to halve food waste by the year 2030. States such as California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont have already enacted these laws.

  3. H.R. 763 -  Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act - This bill will cut American carbon pollution and spur technological innovation. Currently reintroduced in the House, it places fees on fossil fuel producers and importers. These fees would include additional costs for the companies using fuels like crude oil, natural gas, and coal to abate greenhouse gas emissions.

Actions We Are Taking

  1. Calling our Representatives in Congress to pledge support for the Green New Deal Resolution and H.R. 763.

  2. Encouraging local government to set local emission goals, following legislation passed by districts such as the legislation passed in Ferguson Township, Pennsylvania: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news

  3. Lobbying at state capitals for the introduction of food waste bans mitigate the crisis of food waste building up in our landfills.