ACTION ALERT: We're excited to announce that on May 2, 2017, we will be traveling to Albany to advocate for voting rights! Join us to meet with state legislators, take part in a press conference, and participate in a rally. We will lobby for three reforms:

1. Early voting (providing voters with the opportunity to have more than one day to get to the polls)

2. The Voter Empowerment Act (ensuring every eligible citizen is registered to vote and is able to update his or her voting information with greater ease)

3. The Voter Friendly Ballot Act (creating a ballot that is easier to read and to understand so that every voter is able to effectively cast a ballot)

We will be joined by a handful of other activist groups as part of NYC Votes's Voter Advocacy Day. Transportation and food will be provided. The trip is free of charge.

To sign up to participate, fill out this brief form:

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