Advocate for Strong Gun Laws

Last Sunday, 58 Americans were murdered in Las Vegas by a man who possessed at least 23 guns, 12 of which were equipped with a “bump stock.” These bump stocks –– legal attachments that allow semi-automatic guns to fire like illegal fully-automatic guns –– are one of the reasons the death toll for this tragic shooting was so high. Now, Democrats, Republicans, and even the NRA have been calling to tighten the regulations on bump stocks. Here’s what you can do to help ensure that comprehensive legislation is passed:

  1. Call your senators and tell them to co-sponsor Senator Dianne Feinstein’s “Automatic Gun Fire Prevention Act.” Even if your senators have already agreed to co-sponsor, it is important to show them that they have your support. They can even reference the volume of calls they have received about the legislation. Here is a sample call script:

Hello, my name is ___ and I am calling today urge Senator ___ to support and co-sponsor Senator Feinstein’s “Automatic Gun Fire Prevention Act.” Many of the lives lost in the tragic Las Vegas shooting could have been prevented if the shooter did not have a bump stock weapon accessory. Supporting this bill will help prevent a similar tragedy from happening again. Thank you.

  1. Text "Resist" to 50409. The “Resistbot” will lead you through a few short steps that allow you to compose a fax via text to your senators. Just type in a message similar to the ones above and press send.

Zoe DavidsonComment