Protect Net Neutrality

We hope you and your families had a good Thanksgiving. Over the break, we had the time to reflect about what we’re thankful for, and perhaps in particular, some of the things we take for granted. One of those things is a free and open internet.

Last Tuesday, November 21st, the head of the Federal Communications Commission announced that it plans to get rid of net neutrality rules. These rules make it illegal for an internet service provider to block or slow access to internet content. In other words, net neutrality rules prevent big companies like Verizon, for example, from limiting our access to sites they may ideologically disagree with. Repealing these rules could be potentially devastating for activists, small businesses, and others who don’t have the resources to play into the pockets of Internet Service Providers.

If you believe that we need a free and open internet, this is what you can do this help block a repeal of net neutrality:

  1. Call your Reps: use Battle for the Net’s contact congress tool to tell your representatives to tell the FCC not to vote to repeal net neutrality: . The FCC is a five person committee that sets rules for major communications companies. They’re planning on meeting in December to vote on a repeal. You’re asking your representatives to publically denounce repealing net neutrality, therefore putting pressure on committee members to vote to save the rules.

  2. Protest: Visit a Verizon Store protest on December 7th. You can find a store with an organized protest here:

Zoe DavidsonComment