Support Ralph Northam

Today marks the first major statewide elections since President Trump was inaugurated. Republicans are looking to the results for clues about how to run in 2018. Specifically, Virginia’s race for governor is being seen as a bellwether for the viability of a Republican message that incorporates the traditional Republican principle of lower taxes with the Trump platitude of being tough on crime and immigration. The Republican gubernatorial candidate in Virginia - former Republican National Committee Chairman and 2014 U.S. Senate candidate - Ed Gillespie, has adopted this approach. He is facing off against the Democratic Lieutenant Governor, Ralph Northam. Although it is unclear whether the result will be predictive, it is likely to have an effect on the 2018 midterms.

Most recent polls show a fairly close race, with Northam slightly favored to win. However, in a non-presidential election voting year, turnout is typically low and hard to predict. Therefore, all efforts are needed to encourage voter participation. It is not necessary to live in Virginia to help. With the mission of electing officials who will promote a progressive platform, has made it easy to set up a virtual phone back. For full details and to play your part go to:

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