Suspend the Jones Act

Hurricanes Irma and Maria have devastated Puerto Rico, but President Trump is preventing desperately-needed supplies from reaching the island by enforcing an outdated law!

The Jones Act of 1920 hinders disaster relief efforts by restricting shipping to Puerto Rico, mandating that all goods shipped between US ports must be built, owned, and operated by Americans. The result? Puerto Rico pays more than twice what neighboring islands pay for food, clean water, and electricity from the US mainland –– all because of the Jones Act’s burden on it as a US territory!

In the wake of crippling hurricanes, Puerto Ricans can’t afford to pay the hundreds of millions of dollars that the Jones Act is expected to cost them each year. The entire island has lost electricity, food and water are running out, gas lines are forming, and hospitals have been destroyed. Ask Congress and the Trump administration to help reduce Puerto Rico’s suffering!

Click here to call your members of Congress and the Department of Homeland Security (which can suspend the Jones Act), using a script from

Zoe DavidsonComment