Looking for a way to take action after the Women's March? We're lobbying state legislators to protect the Affordable Care Act's reproductive health care provisions!

Even as Trump takes aim at Obamacare and reproductive rights, the state legislature’s Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act would expand access to cost-free contraception for New Yorkers!

But Republicans in the State Senate are trying to kill this bill! Click here to email all 213 state legislators with one simple form and ask them to support this critical reproductive health care legislation:

Then, call the Republicans on the Senate Health Committee who are blocking the bill! Phone calls are even more effective than emails: https://actionnetwork.org/…/call-ny-state-senators-support-…

Planned Parenthood has a Lobby Day to advocate for this bill scheduled soon, so taking action now will have extra impact! The bill has bipartisan support, so getting a few more legislators on board gives it a real shot at passing.

When you're done, fill out this form to report your action!