Local Leaders: Stand up to Trump!

Local leaders -- council members, state legislators, mayors, etc., -- have a unique responsibility to act as a check to Trump's destructive climate policies. That's why Coalition Z is asking state and local officials to help save the Paris Climate Change Agreement from Trump.

In a new executive order that shreds President Obama’s climate policies, Trump has derailed American climate commitments under the Paris Agreement. Trump has even threatened to pull out of the agreement entirely.

If the US fails to uphold its part of the bargain, then other nations will step back from their Paris commitments and the agreement could unravel. That’s why state and local leaders must step up to save the agreement and our climate –– before it’s too late.

Click here to ask your local officials to take a stand and save the Paris Agreement: https://actionnetwork.org/forms/local-leaders-save-the-climate-from-trump

Over the next few months, we will lobby city council members, state legislators, mayors, governors, and other officials around the country to sign the Pledge for Our Future. With the pledge as a starting point, we will build momentum for concrete climate legislation at the local level and send a signal to the international community that the US will meet its commitments –– even if Trump won’t.

Here’s the text of the pledge:

“I pledge to help the United States fulfill and exceed its commitments under the Paris Climate Change Agreement. I understand that it is essential for subnational actors to ensure that the US collectively meets and exceeds its commitments under the Paris Agreement, even if the federal government abandons emissions reduction policies. I will support and/or introduce policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and bolster clean energy. I also pledge to push the subnational government of which I am a member to sign the Under2 MOU and join the Under2 Coalition, if it has not already done so.”

We’ve put together a quick toolkit to help you contact your local officials and ask them to sign it. Click here to get started: https://actionnetwork.org/forms/local-leaders-save-the-climate-from-trump


Zoe DavidsonComment