Gun Reform

Turning Marches into Legislation

To translate our demands from the walkouts and March for Our Lives into law, we’re looking to help introduce youth-backed bills at the local, state, and federal level. We’ve assembled a list of potential policies that include gun reforms, voting rights, and campaign finance reform. Our members are lobbying elected officials about already-introduced bills, as well as targeting companies that sell guns, process gun payments, and fund the NRA.

We Vote Next!

The next step in the fight for gun reform is to bring our generation’s energy to the ballot box! Here's Coalition Z's three-part plan for doing so in the coming months:
1. Organize voter registration drives at the schools in our network. More than a dozen of our chapters have committed to hosting a voter registration drive, and we’ve also partnered with Mayor de Blasio’s office to help bring voter registration to students across NYC. If you want supplies and advice for running a drive at your school, please email
2) Lead a youth contingent to the annual Voter Day in Albany on May 8th. New York is ranked 46th in the nation for voter turnout -- a result of our outdated voting laws. In Albany, we’ll meet with legislators to demand common sense reforms that will allow more New Yorkers to get to the polls. All high school students are welcome! Fill out this form to register. Although the trip is entirely free of charge, we would appreciate any support you can give us on GoFundMe to make sure we're able to pay for a bus. Click here to donate.
3. Match students across the country with progressive 2018 candidates. Over the summer and into the fall, our young volunteers will supercharge campaigns in key swing districts to help take back the House of Representatives and contribute to a blue wave up and down the ballot. If you want join a campaign, fill out this form.

Other 2018 Initiatives

This year, Coalition Z is focusing our work on six initiatives that engage young people and address key national issues.  

Youth Cabinets

We’re partnering with elected officials to create cabinets of high school students that provide input and learn about the political process. These forums elevate youth voices in government and help foster a politically-engaged, civically-educated generation.


High school students’ age too often leaves them left out of the #MeToo conversation. We’re shifting the conversation through a #WeToo social media campaign, as well as helping our chapters bring curriculum and best practices to their communities.


We’re lobbying schools, cities, and states to meet Trump’s federal assault on the environment with subnational progress, working to fulfill the US’s promises under the Paris Climate Agreement and forefronting the stakes for young people and our future.

Take Back the House

In 2018, we’re revamping our find-a-campaign program to help take back the House of Representatives, matching high school-aged volunteers with candidates in key swing districts. Our members add energy to campaigns and get front-line insight into the political process.  

Voting rights

Although many of us are too young to vote, we’re protecting our future ballot access by fighting restrictive Voter ID laws and lobbying for policies like early voting and automatic registration. We’re also registering our peers to vote as they turn 18.

Civil Discourse

Our activism must embody the standards of truth, civility, and open-mindedness that we hope to see among those in power. We’re organizing forums to engage students from across the political spectrum in dialogue about issues that will shape our generation's future.

One Year of Coalition Z: 2017 in Review

In 2017, Coalition Z focused our activism on "Action Alerts" -- five-minute, weekly projects ranging from calling elected officials to organizing school supply and voter registration drives. Below is a sample of those action alerts.



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