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Youth Involvement

Coalition Z focuses on increasing youth involvement in government to create spaces in which we advocate for the legislation that we support, with the long term goal of creating more equitable policy and progressive, representative governments. Our approach towards youth involvement is three-pronged:

  1. Supporting Progressive Candidates

  2. Creating Youth Cabinets with our Elected Officials

  3. Registering Voters


Our Policies


voting rights and electoral reform

To ensure that our government and elected officials truly represent the people, we prioritize decreasing barriers to voting, registering new voters and promoting a just electoral system. 


title ix and resources

We push for holistic and equitable policies regarding sexual violence and education in high schools, and reject Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ reforms to Title IX.


gun reform

As a generation that has grown up watching gun violence ravage our country, we push for common sense gun reform at all levels of government. 



Despite America’s increasing diversity, our education system is exceedingly segregated and inequitable. Our goal is to integrate and increase funding for schools in low-income communities through policy.


criminal justice reform

The history of racial inequality and economic injustice in the United States follows through today in the crisis that is our criminal justice system. Through education and policy, we make clear how vital it is that we overhaul the systematic oppression that the criminal justice process has become.



We recognize that the most pressing issue facing our generation is climate change and our government’s inaction surrounding it. Thus, we advocate for legislation that will take legitimate steps to reduce our emissions and stop barreling towards a dangerous future.