High Schoolers Organizing against Trump Celebrate One-Year Anniversary


January 20, 2018

NEW YORK, New York –– Today the high school civic group Coalition Z celebrated one year of activism since its launch on Trump’s Inauguration Day. After making headlines with its founding “Inauguration Day of Action,” the organization has grown into 11 chapters across 4 states, reaching thousands of young people via weekly action alerts. To celebrate one year, the group’s teenage leaders announced a 2018 plan focused on the #MeToo movement, climate change, voting rights, the midterm elections, “youth cabinets” for elected officials, and civil discourse.

“When we set out to organize our first Day of Action, we weren’t sure who would show up,” said Coalition Z cofounder Bryson Wiese. “But more than 50 students did -- and over the past year, our members have shown that anti-Trump momentum is still in full force. The wave of civic energy sweeping Generation Z has powered our coalition as we’ve traveled to Albany to protect voting rights, organized a supply drive to welcome refugee students, and so much more.”

Cofounder Zoe Davidson added, “As the Women's Marches have shown, effective resistance means sustained activism. Coalition Z is teaching students how to transform outrage into concrete action and build lifelong habits of civic engagement. We’re making sure that high schoolers will still be on the front lines of the resistance for weeks, months, and even years after the 2016 presidential election.”

As its high school-aged members participated in Women’s Marches around the country, Coalition Z released a video highlighting its successes in 2017. In addition to its signature weekly “action alerts,” the group’s highlights include spearheading voter registration drives at schools, collecting more than one thousand brand-new school supplies to welcome refugee students, sending hundreds of letters to Congress as part of a “postcard avalanche,” bringing students to Albany to advocate for voting rights legislation, lobbying for local-level climate action after Trump abandoned the Paris Agreement, and targeting advertisers on alt-right websites.

Coalition Z also marked its one-year anniversary by announcing its plan for 365 more days of activism centered around six initiatives. These include elevating the voices of high schoolers in the #MeToo movement through a #WeToo campaign; meeting Trump’s federal assault on the environment by lobbying schools, cities, and states to protect the planet; taking back the House of Representatives by matching young volunteers with key campaigns; registering young people to vote and protecting voting rights; establishing “youth cabinets” to advise elected officials; and advancing civil discourse by convening youth forums to address partisanship and polarization.

To speak with Coalition Z’s co-founders and obtain photographs, please email info@coalitionz.org or text the following phone numbers:

Bryson Wiese: 718-715-6551

Zoe Davidson: 718-744-5464

Alex Lehman: 917-974-3091

To learn more about Coalition Z, we also invite you to check out the group’s 2017 highlight video and visit coalitionz.org.