Take Back the House

In 2018, all 435 representatives in the House will be up for re-election and Democrats have a chance to take back the majority! Coalition Z is partnering with candidates in swing districts to identify volunteer and internship opportunities for high school students. 


Our plan

In 2017, our find-a-campaign program matched student volunteers with local-level races and boosted voter turnout through phone banking. As the 2018 midterms heat up, we're helping interns and volunteers get on board critical campaigns early, using the national momentum to engage even more students than last year. We're also sharing our members' campaign stories on social media to help inspire new volunteers.

the big picture

We've chosen to focus on campaigns for the House of Representatives for a simple reason: they're where we can have the most impact. Most of our chapters are in blue states, meaning that races for senate, governor, and other offices are less competitive. However, we can find competitive races near our chapters by borrowing from Swing Left's model, matching our members with nearby House swing districts.

That said, we also understand the significance of local- and state-level races, so will be matching students with key down-ballot campaigns when opportunities arise.


Campaigns with which Coalition Z Members have worked


Below is a list of some of the candidates with which our members have worked:

Jahana Hayes, US Congress

Perry Gershon, US Congress

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, US Congress

Mindi Messmer, US Congress

Suraj Patel, US Congress

Brad Schneider, US Congress

Lubia Shirley, US Congress

Max Rose, US Congress

Andrew Cuomo, New York Governor

Alessandra Biaggi, New York State Senate

Robert Jackson, New York State Senate

Zellnor Myrie, New York State Senate

Catalina Cruz, New York State Assembly

Ned Lamot, Connecticut Governor

William Tong, Connecticut Attorney General

Contact us

Are you a student interested in being matched with a campaign? Reach out to us here.

Are you a campaign interested in finding interns or volunteers? Reach out to us here.