Voting and Electoral Reform

Legislation We Support 

  1. HR 645 - The Automatic Voter Registration Act, which would amend the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 to require each state to automatically register everyone coming into contact with a State’s DMV, unless they do not meet requirements or opt out 

  2. Reforms that include same day registration, parolee voting rights, access to early voting, and pre-registration to 16-year-olds in states and local areas throughout the country 

  3. Legislation on the state level – like these acts that passed in New Hampshire and Virginia – that creates nonpartisan advisory committees for redistricting, bans partisan gerrymandering, and protects people of color. 

Actions We’re Taking 

  1. Calling and writing our representatives to ask them to support HR645 

  2. Lobbying at our state capitals for more equitable voting and electoral reforms 

  3. Writing to voters in areas that have restrictive voting laws and gerrymandered maps to remind them of deadlines and get them out to vote!