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Our Mission

Coalition Z is a national and youth-led organization that centers the voices of Generation Z in political conversations by bridging the gap between youth and their elected officials. Since 2016, we have harnessed Generation Z’s eagerness to enact change and connected it with concrete action. 


We recognize that an equitable and representative government includes all future voters in the democratic process before they are given the ballot. This is our work: through collaboration, conversation, and advocacy, we hope to shape the policy supported by our elected officials and work towards solving the pressing issues plaguing our democracy. 


Our work encompasses five goals: 

1) Supporting legislation that focuses on issues that impact our generation 

2) Electing progressive candidates at all levels of government 

3) Connecting young people with their representatives

4) Representing Generation Z’s values to shape legislation with elected officials

5) Informing our generation on the policies that affect us and our future 


Executive Directors

Executive Board

Regional Coordinators


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