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Our Mission

Coalition Z is a national and youth-led organization that centers the voices of Generation Z in political conversations by bridging the gap between youth and their elected officials. Since 2016, we have harnessed Generation Z’s eagerness to enact change and connected it with concrete action. 


We recognize that an equitable and representative government includes all future voters in the democratic process before they are given the ballot. This is our work: through collaboration, conversation, and advocacy, we hope to shape the policy supported by our elected officials and work towards solving the pressing issues plaguing our democracy. 


Our work encompasses five goals

1) Supporting legislation that focuses on issues that impact our generation 

2) Promoting voter turnout among the youth

3) Connecting young people with their representatives

4) Representing Generation Z’s values to shape legislation with elected officials

5) Informing our generation on the policies that affect us and our future 


Executive Directors

Executive Board

Communications Director

Norah Kiely

Norah is a senior at Trinity School in New York City! She has been involved in Coalition Z since 10th grade, being the head of her school chapter, as well as the Chapter Director last year. Norah is also the captain of her school’s Parliamentary debate team, loves to write and edit for multiple school publications, and tutors younger students in various subjects. 

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Policy Director

Allegra Vercesi

Allegra Vercesi has always had a passion for advocacy since a young age, and sitting in a high school chair never stopped her. She started a political newsletter to help bridge the political divide by breaking down news to help people #STAYEDUCATED. She is not afraid to challenge the status quo and promote justice. As policy director for Coalition Z, she hopes to work with legislative officials and the chapters to create visible change. 

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Social Media Director 

Suravi Bhatia

Suravi is a motivated student passionate about social and criminal justice, government, and sociology who wants to increase South Asian and female political representation. She is a co-founder of Diwalifest, a community event to celebrate South Asian culture while uplifting small businesses, youth vendors, and South Asian creatives+cultural performances. Additionally, Suravi is a commissioner on Acton's DEI commission (a section of town government), her class's representative on ABRSD's Leadership Coalition to End Hate and Biased Speech, a representative on Maura Healy's Youth Climate Council, the vice president of the Desi Student Alliance at her school, and a senior Girl Scout of New England. She recently interned at MIT's HCL+ lab as a rising sophomore and is looking forward to learning more about politics in the future. 

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Elections Director

Yenjay Hu

Yenjay Hu is a high school junior in New Jersey. He is politically active, participating in his school's democratic club and leading Vote16NJ. He also plays tennis, violin, and piano in his free time.

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Chapter Director

Amruta Issac

My name is Amruta Issac. I am the southern regional coordinator for Coalition Z. I am very passionate about youth involvement in our government, as I feel we have a ever developing, unbiased mind. I love to get involved with multiple non profits as it serves me some purpose in the world. To cultivate my passion for science and the medical field I am on the executive board team for FDOTW and STEM TO GO. In the future I would like to major in psychology as mental health is something I am very passionate about, as a result I am a Neolth ambassador.

Regional Coordinators

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